April 23, 2009

3 Food Exchanges for Healthier Living

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Curb Your Cravings
Daily Tip for Thursday, April 23, 2009

3 Food Exchanges for Healthier Living

It’s easier to swap than to surrender our favorite foods, so registered dietician Ashley Koff suggests three ways to trade up in the food market. All of these replacements help reduce your dairy fat intake, because Koff says this type of fat doesn’t have any substantial benefits.

  • Use guacamole or avocadoes on your salad instead of cheese. This high-in-good-fat fruit can lower your cholesterol.
  • Sorry, cheese, but Koff has another suggestion to replace you: nuts and grains. Just remember that moderation is the key.
  • Go Greek, or at least when it comes to yogurt. By replacing the regular fruit yogurt you buy with this plain version, you skip all the preservatives. You can still have the fruit—just add your own. Plus, the Greek varieties have a better carbohydrate and protein balance, says Koff.

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