April 23, 2009

The Happy Ending: Divey Chic On Sunset

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Hollywood’s Happy Ending
APRIL 23, 2009
About the author
Scott Carter is a television producer, writer and general connoisseur of America’s biggest company town.
Why? Because you want a chill, divey sports bar, but you’re on Sunset.
L.A. dives come in many shapes and sizes: Some have poor service, watery drinks and an extremely uneven dude-to-chick ratio. Others get it right with solid drink specials and a location that attracts single vixens — as is the case at The Happy Ending, a venue that blends “NYC dive” with “California sports bar.” It might be a Hollywood hotspot, but there’s no velvet rope, pretentious guest list or dress code. Instead it’s all leather booths and half-ironic East Coast faves like Maine lobster rolls. The only thing lacking at this bar are massage chairs (pun intended).
The Happy Ending
7038 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood 323-469-7038 Map It
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Why? Seasonal booze/food pairings each week, and it’s only $20.
Ammo’s philosophy is that each season dictates the dishes they create and the menu they offer. Starting in May, the restaurant/bar will introduce “Small-Batch Socials,” a tasting series hosted by a different boutique wine, beer or liquor company each month. First in the line up is Tequila Ocho’s 2008 collection. This $20-a-head event includes appetizers.
1155 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood 323-871-2666 Map It
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Why? The world’s favorite street foods, and more ambience than a park bench can give.
All roads lead to delight at Street, Susan Feniger’s latest foray into the exotic culinary creations of street vendors from across the globe. Mix and match dinner items like Cuban Stuffed Potato Cake and Lebanese Chicken Kebabs, or simply order the Globe Trot and let the chef direct your gastronomic journey.
742 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood 323-203-0500 Map It
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Why? It’s going to be a hot summer: Check the Cool Haus Twitter for where to cool off.
Cool Haus tested out their architecture-themed (that’s right; offerings include the Frank Behry and the Mies Vanilla Rohe) ice cream sandwiches at Coachella and got rave reviews. So now they’re joining the trendy delivery truck-food business and will soon be making the L.A. rounds each afternoon.
Cool Haus @ Twitter
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