April 23, 2009

Top 5 Music Festivals and Exchange Rates Explained

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April 23, 2009

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O Top 5 Music Festivals
O One Way Out: Belly-flop Technique
O How Sports Fantasy Camps Work
O How Paragliding Works
O How Exchange Rates Work
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Top 5 Music Festivals

Some people think live music is the best music out there. And music festivals serve it up to crowds of thousands for days at a time each year. Which are the world’s greatest fests?

staff picks

How Sports Fantasy Camps Work

Everybody wants to be like Mike — Michael Jordan, that is. At his fantasy camp, average basketball fans get to play pick-up with their hero. Are you thinking, “Where do I sign up”?

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How Paragliding Works

It may be the closest thing to real flying. With a parachute as your wing, the wind lifts you thousands of feet into the sky. But wait. How do you get back down?

How Exchange Rates Work

What exactly is the cost of money? What are the fundamentals of exchanging dollars for other currency? We’ll explore these questions, plus give tips for money-changing travelers.


One Way Out: Belly-flop Technique

In order to dive into a shallow pool of water, Jonathan Goodwin must create as much surface area as possible — in other words, perform a painful belly flop. Watch this video from Discovery Channel‘s “One Way Out.”


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