April 24, 2009

Flag this message How BioShock 2 will be better than the first one; Preview promises that didn’t deliver; More!

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How Bioshock 2 will be better than the first

Who was your first gaming crush?

Ludicrous excuses for age-old game design

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04232009_Previewpromises_topstories--article_thumbnail Preview promises that
didn’t deliver

The promised the world. The delivered hot air.
041509_wiiinvent_topstories--article_thumbnail The Top 7…greenest games
Give a hoot. Read an article about eco-friendly games that embrace Mother Nature
Videogame_music_The_Terminator_top_stories--article_thumbnail Videogame music makes The Terminator better
Cameron’s classic gets an aural upgrade
042109_posters_topstories--article_thumbnail Game characters for Obama
A collection of printable posters inspired by the President of the United States of America

Top 7 Compendium

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Left 4 Dead Lighthouse guide
10 simple steps to being a better videogame bad guy

How Hollywood will ruin your favourite games

The return of Trailer Trash!
A rather impressive list of videogame currency
The shortest game names of all time

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