April 24, 2009

Free Stuff

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Free Stuff

Completely Free Ebooks

Posted: 23 Apr 2009 07:20 AM PDT

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The Popularity of E-books

In today’s world, we have completely become dependant on computers. Accordingly, our lives have become much more efficient because of the speed we can process and attain information. It seems as if we are doing everything at a faster rate. We have e-mails, e-deposits, and e-cards. You can practically accomplish anything with the handy help of a computer.

So it’s no wonder that, with everything converting to electronics, e-books have been thrown into the mix. Though, like everything else, completely free ebooks didn’t just happen. It was a long process. E-books, short for electronic books of course, have gone through a transitional phase. As you can imagine, taking something from the physical to its electronic counterpart, can be quite a task.

Originally, e-books were created for special interests and manufacturing purposes. But once the idea had been established, it was only a matter of time before the e-book transpired to the large scale market. If not for anything else, the convenience of e-books was apparent and provoked the popularity of the electronic devices.

Programs such as Adobe eventually designed compatible software for the e-books, while independent authors who had not been accepted by publishers began reaching out to the public in hopes to be discovered. Since then, sites such as Audible.com and Free-ebooks.net have flourished, offering everything from magazines to biographies.

Completely Free E-books Vs. Paperbacks

However, there are still some disadvantages of e-books, along with the many advantages. And for that matter, not all authors have embraced the idea of the e-book. Some still prefer the traditional means of reading and appreciate the institution of print publishing. Though, taking a closer look is the only way to truly weigh your opinion.

Cons of E-books

  • More susceptible to being stolen because of cost and/or resale value
  • E-books are often delicate and can be broken much easier than paper books
  • They aren’t always portable and require electricity to work
  • May be hard to read during the day in sunlight
  • E-books content can be easily plagiarized or altered without the consent of the author

Pros of E-books

  • The environmental benefits associated with paper usage
  • Easily accessible means of any book at any time
  • The availability of all books including classic and modern novels
  • You can download as many as you want without the build up and clutter of paper books
  • You can easily reference e-books through non-permanent highlighting, hyperlinking, and cross-referencing
  • Automatic last page retrieval (which very useful with lengthy novels such as, Moby Dick by Herman Melville
  • E-book readers are pricey but e-texts are normally cheaper than paper back books

Whether or not you agree with the concept of e-books, they are becoming an increasingly popular type of media. One of the best aspects of e-books is the ability to access literature that was previously hard to attain such as, Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland, The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot, or even Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. And on the more positive side, e-text readers are not the only way to access these e-books. You can download them onto your laptops and personal computers as well. Publishers are beginning to accept the trend and are simultaneously creating electronic versions as well. There is simply no stopping the expansion of this technology. As our world advances, the means of attaining information and text will constantly be progressing and e-books will continue to thrive.

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