April 24, 2009

McClatchy Washington Bureau Newsletter

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McClatchy Washington Bureau

Daily News Update

8:00pm Thursday, April 23, 2009 EDT

  • WASHINGTON — If growing political pressure doesn’t subside soon, President Barack Obama may have to do something he’s resisted since taking office: support a new investigation into how the Bush-era CIA interrogated suspected terrorists with techniques that are widely consider torture.

  • Ahmed and Salim appear to be typical teenage brothers. The animated stars of an incendiary new Internet cartoon series aren’t typical, however. Its creators and fans see a humorous series that resembles “South Park” — at least visually — and mocks Islamic terrorism. Its critics see a hate-filled cartoon that uses crude stereotypes to dehumanize Muslims, intensify Arab-Israeli divisions and inflame the conflict between Muslims and Jews.

  • Legislation that the House of Representatives passed overwhelmingly Thursday would send billions of dollars to thousands of communities to help them hire and retain 50,000 police officers.

  • Two massive suicide attacks killed at least 76 people and possibly dozens more Thursday in Iraq, the latest signs that the country’s hard-won security gains are beginning to reverse.

  • There they go again, those folks in Washington, D.C. Everyone wants the power; nobody wants the responsibility. We’re back to the question of which Bush administration officials ordered Justice Department lawyers to concoct some legal way to use illegal torture methods on the prisoners we were taking in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and elsewhere.

  • Armed with letters from Americans hit hard by soaring credit card fees and rates, President Barack Obama warned credit card executives Thursday that he’d happily sign into law tough new regulations that are working their way through Congress.

  • President Rafael Correa is poised to win re-election on Sunday, quite a feat in a politically turbulent country that’s run through eight presidents in the past 13 years.

  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Wednesday called the advance of Islamic militants an “existential threat” to Pakistan and a “mortal threat” to the world and called on Pakistanis to resist their government’s policy of ceding territory to extremists.

  • Despite President Barack Obama’s pledge that the $787 billion in economic stimulus money will be subject to “unprecedented accountability,” many state officials worry that they lack the resources to oversee properly how their share of the money is being spent, a report Thursday from Congress’ watchdog agency says.

  • The battered economy has led to a spike in demand for services at many local nonprofit organizations during a time when donations are declining, a United Way of the Plains survey released Wednesday showed.

  • A judge found Thursday that there was probable cause to charge Ingmar Guandique with the 2001 murder of Chandra Levy, even as Guandique’s attorneys denounced the evidence as flimsy.

  • A wave of empty offices splashed across the Raleigh Triangle during the first quarter as the demand for space waned amid a deepening recession.


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