April 25, 2009

Game Informer Online Newsletter

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Game Informer Online

Indie Week: Day One – What Does It Mean To Be Indie?
If I took one thing away from the 2009 Game Developers Conference it was a newfound appreciation for independent games. Not having surveyed the indie market in-depth previously, I made a conscious effort to attend multiple indie-centric sessions as part of the Independent Games Summit, including “Independent Games & Sales: Stats 101,” “The Indie Game Maker Rant” and “2D Boy: Everything you always wanted to know about going indie but were too afraid to ask.”
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Indie Week: Day Two – The First Five IGF Nominees
Welcome back for day two of Indie Week here at Game Informer Online. Yesterday we took a look at what it means to be an independent game developer and explored the freedoms and hardships associated with taking on the indie moniker. If you missed the kick-off feature, click here to get the full rundown.
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Indie Week: Day Three – Five More IGF Nominees
Welcome to day three of Indie Week here at Game Informer Online. Hopefully if you have been following us the past two days your appreciation for all things indie is growing. As a refresher, Monday we took a look at what it means to be an independent game developer through interviews with industry insiders Simon Carless and Ron Carmel. Yesterday we previewed the first five games nominated for IGF awards this year: Between, Blueberry Garden, BrainPipe, CarneyVale Showtime and Cletus Clay.
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Star Trek: D-A-C Coming to Xbox Live Arcade
Battlefield 1943 On XBLA Gets Price
NCAA Football 10 Cover Athletes Announced
MySims Take On Mystery-Solving In New Franchise Twist
Brütal Legend Gets Release Date
Lego Rock Band Announced, Lego Space Police Is Jealous
Additional Wii MotionPlus Bundles Revealed
Konami Announces New, Hipper Karaoke Revolution
Fallout 3: Broken Steel Preview
Court’s Ruling Heightens DJ Drama

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