April 27, 2009

Baby Basics: Lesson 4

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Baby Basics
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The Bottom Line: Diaper Basics

Oh, that baby bottom! Has anything ever been cuter — or messier? Like everything else about newborn care, changing diapers is a learning experience for most new moms and dads. To get started, you’ll need to lift baby’s legs with one hand and remove any poop with a wet washcloth or wipe. (Many parents use baby wipes on their newborns with no problem. If your child’s skin reacts to the chemicals in wipes, you can use a washcloth or cotton balls and plain water.) Using one area of the cloth at a time, clean inside all the creases, wiping downward. To clean the genital area, wipe from the front to the back. Then dry the area with a soft cloth.

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* Changing Girls vs. Changing Boys (Watch out! That weapon is loaded!)
* Nighttime Strategies
* The Amazing Wiggling Baby
* Diaper Rash
* Changing Table Checklist

Check out our “Bottom Line” guide to diapering.

Your Tip This Week
Diapering Dos and Don’ts

Until your baby is a month old, use cotton balls or a warm washcloth during diaper changes. His skin is sensitive at this stage, so skip the lotions and powders for now. Use an ointment only if your newborn has a diaper rash. Always wipe from front to back for hygienic reasons. Learn more.

Things to Consider

Hold On
Babies are rugged individualists from the very beginning — even when it comes to simple things like how they like to be held. Some infants love the comfort and security of being wrapped tightly in a receiving blanket (swaddling), while others prefer to have their arms and legs free. Get the lowdown on swaddling, along with other helpful holds.

Baby That Skin
A new baby’s skin may peel, crack, or get flaky while it adjusts to the out-of-womb world, as well as developing a range of lumps, bumps, and rashes. Read up on what to expect — and how to cope.

Coming Next Week
Getting to Know You

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