April 27, 2009

Salma Hayek Weds; Golden Girl Dies

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Mon Apr 27 11:00:55 EDT 2009
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gradiant gray backgrounf
‘Hills’ Stars Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Get Married
Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are outside of the Westminster Presbyterian Church on Saturday
(Photo: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage)
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Salma Hayek Weds Again In Venice
[Mon. April 27.2009 0-1:18PM EDT]
Golden Girl Bea Arthur Dies
[Mon. April 27.2009 0-1:14PM EDT]
Katy Perry Gets Back With Ex
[Mon. April 27.2009 0-2:57PM EDT]
Katie Price Battles Injury, Legwarmers In London Marathon
[Mon. April 27.2009 0-2:20PM EDT]
dont miss this
Rihanna Asks Police To Return Her Jewelry
[Mon. April 27.2009 09:27 AM EDT]
Jamie Lynn Spears’ Boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, Injured In Truck Crash
[Mon. April 27.2009 08:56 AM EDT]
Beyonce Not Quite Ready To Be A Mom
[Sat. April 25.2009 11:29 PM EDT]
Lil Wayne Charms The Ladies Of ‘The View’
[Fri. April 24.2009 04:42 PM EDT]


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