April 27, 2009

WHFoods Weekly Newsletter

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April 27, 2009Good Morning!

Last week I talked about how in-home cooking was a great way to not only help pare down food costs during these difficult economic times, but to maintain a Healthiest Way of Eating. Since diet plays such an important role in the way we feel as well as in our long-term health, it’s important not to give up healthy eating in fear of rising food costs. With this in mind, we have posted a new article on the home page entitled “Healthy Eating for Less,” which I think you will not want to miss. In this article, you will find out some of the strategies you can use to help you eat and save money. Here are some of the highlights of this article.

  • Shopping Strategies
  • Watch for specials
  • Do the preparation yourself
  • Purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables that are in season
  • Focus on purchasing non-perishable vegetables
  • Best bet fruits
  • Consider frozen vegetables and fruits
  • Highlight protein-rich beans in your Healthiest Way of Eating
  • Buy in bulk
  • Grow Your Own Food and Save Money
  • Cooking Strategies

I hope Healthy Eating for Less will provide you some insight into how to stretch your dollar and maintain a Healthiest Way of Eating.Cooking with George
This week I want to share with you how to prepare a great tasting recipe for Quick Broiled Salmon that will be ready to serve in just 7 minutes. Top the salmon with my Mediterranean dressing combined with mustard, ginger, cilantro and a dash of tamarai for a taste delight … Click the “Play” button on the video screen on the home page to learn the quick and easy way to prepare salmon.

From both a nutritional and environmental impact perspective, wild fish are far superior to their farm-raised counterparts. FDA statistics on the nutritional content (protein and fat-ratios) of farm versus wild salmon show that wild salmon have a 20% higher protein content and a 20% lower fat content than farm-raised salmon, and farm-raised fish contain much higher amounts of pro-inflammatory omega 6 fats than wild fish.

Breakthrough News
The inclusion of dairy products in the diet has been a long-standing, controversial issue. But researchers working out of the University of Navarra in Spain have shown a unique benefit of low-fat dairy products when they are consumed within the context of a Mediterranean Diet. Benefits of Low-Fat Dairy in a Mediterranean Diet .

Smart Food Choices
Almost 17% of all 21-30 year olds report insomnia in research studies. There’s no doubt that from a physiological standpoint, sleep is a complicated event and one that’s related to many factors, including our nutritional status and the food we eat, which both influence whether or not we get a good night’s sleep. How do foods affect our sleep?

Best Food Sources of:

Enjoy your Healthiest Way of Eating this week!


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Food of the Week . . . Salmon

Did you know that researchers believe that about 60% of Americans are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, and about 20% have so little that tests cannot even detect any in their blood? The list of benefits derived from omega-3s is long and impressive, ranging from improving cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of stroke to acting as anti-inflammatory agents and improving bone density. Recent studies are finding increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids may also help decrease the risk of Alzheimer.s disease. As study after study reveals the importance of these essential fatty acids, we also are becoming increasingly aware that they are not readily available in many of the foods that we eat. Cold water fish, such as salmon, are some of the best sources. Not only does salmon provide a host of healthy benefits, it tastes great! Late spring is the beginning of the salmon season. Different species of wild salmon will become available from now through the fall of the year, so be sure to enjoy them while they are in season.Read More …

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Recipe of the Week is Salmon with Mustard and Ginger

Recipe of the Week
view recipe …The Food Tip of the Week It’s hard to get enough omega-3 fatty acids from your diet. Here are some tips on how to help you get more of these important nutrients. How can I get more omega 3 fatty acids in my daily meals?

Here is the Daily Tip: Do sprouts have special health benefits? In general, sprouts are often more concentrated in certain nutrients—including some key antioxidants—when compared with fully mature plants …

New Book When you order our book The World’s Healthiest Foods: Essential Guide for the Healthiest Way of Eating you will receive free access to videos (valued at $15.95) featuring George sharing with you how to make a “5-Course Meal in 15 Minutes,” tips on selecting and storing foods, the Healthiest Way of Cooking, and more. You will also receive a free guide, How To Create a “Healthiest Way of Eating” Group, which will show you how to share a healthy evening of eating in the comfort of your home with family, friends, or other couples. The total value of the videos and guide is $24.95, but they are free when you purchase our book.

I would like to thank you for your terrific book. I use it every day and absolutely love everything in it. – Steinunn

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