April 28, 2009

DailyCandy – Word to Your Mother

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EVERYWHERE | April 28, 2009

Word to Your Mother
2009 Mother’s Day Guide

the write stuff!

She’s a sap. Let her catch every moment on film with Fuji’s new instant camera. She’ll be touched and flattered if you record her “when I was a wee lass …” stories professionally with the help of StoryCorps. And being a sucker for nostalgia, she’ll thrill at a feather quill pen and some cute stationery.

bundt in the oven!

So she likes to get her drink on? Delight her with a boozy Bundt cake. If she prefers her treats virgin, these pretty homemade cookies are as decorative as they are delicious. If she’s a pill popper, this sparkly zebra case will help her keep it on the DL.

dish it out!

She can take the heat, alright. In fact, she never gets out of the kitchen. So she’ll totally dig a sassy apron from brand new line Smocks. And these imperfectly perfect dishes are ideal for showing off her creations.

wooly booger!

If home is where her heart is, she’ll think of you every hour on the hour with a sleek cuckoo clock (how fitting). While she’s relaxing, she can keep busy knitting with a cool kit from Wool and the Gang. Take her ornithology knowledge to the next level with a BirdCam. And Beekman 1802’s Year in the Country soaps will take her on an olfactory adventure in the tub.

call it macaroni!

If Mom’s been extra good this year, reward her with a fancy take on the macaroni necklace you made her as a kid. And rose and carnation sponges make lovely recession-friendly gifts.

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