April 28, 2009

Healthy After 60 Newsletter from Consumer Reports Health

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Consumer Reports Health Healthy at 60
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April 2009
Here’s the latest news from Consumer Reports Health. We bring you the most up-to-date facts on medications for cholesterol. Also this month, we investigate the best type of care for people with dementia, and we look at how exercise can benefit people with osteoarthritis.
New Reports
Now’s the time to…

With spring in the air, it’s a good time to think about starting an exercise program. Even if you have osteoarthritis, gentle exercise such as walking or swimming can help you keep active. Read more about the benefits of exercise and physical therapy for arthritis >>

What’s the Evidence?

How good are medications for high cholesterol? Millions of people around the world take medications called statins, to prevent a heart attack. What’s the evidence that they work? Take a look at the evidence and find out >>

Did you know?

Erection problems aren’t just a sign of aging — they can be a sign of heart problems. It’s never easy to talk about such personal matters, but if you regularly have problems with erections, make time to talk to your doctor. It could be an early warning of cardiovascular disease. Find out more with our information. >>

What’s in the news?

If you’re thinking about residential nursing care for a relative with dementia, you’ll want to be sure they get the best care possible. Now, new research shows that ‘person-centered’ care that puts the individual’s wants and needs top of the agenda can help to reduce the distressing agitation that often comes with dementia. Read more about the research >>

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