April 28, 2009

The Decemberists Provide the Music, and Ethan Nadelmann Provides the Weed

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The Colbert Report

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MOMENT OF TRUTH: “If we don’t douse our crops with glyphosate, how will the runoff
get into our fish?”
Crucial Colbert
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Wednesday April 22
Summit of All Fears
Esteban Colberto believes Barack Obama has bigger plantains to fry than the Summit of the Americas.
Tuesday April 21
Who’s Riding My
Coattails Now? – Blown Away by the USA

If you act now, you’ll receive Stephen’s patriotic CD, “Blown Away by the USA” as well as “Stunned by the States.”
Wednesday April 22
Ira Glass
Stephen wants to know if Ira Glass will be just as lifeless hosting a live cinema performance as he is on the radio.
Upcoming Guests
4/27 The Decemberists
4/28 Richard Engel, Daniel Gross
4/29 David Kessler
4/30 Ethan Nadelmann
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Indecision 2008
Get ready for Obama’s 100th Day as President by watching our 100 Best Obama Moments. We’ll be adding 10 clips a day until we reach 100!

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