April 29, 2009

“CNET News Morning Dispatch”

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Apple plots course for middle of

mobile: CNET News

For years, the PC industry has longed to make a compelling device that's bigger than a phone but smaller than a notebook. They have failed. Can Apple pull it off?

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April 29, 2009

Top headlines
For years, the PC industry has longed to make a compelling device that’s bigger than a phone but smaller than a notebook. They have failed. Can Apple pull it off?
Wed, Apr 29 04:00:00 PDT 2009 | Read full story
New details are emerging on the new gaming handheld, which 1Up reports will be officially unveiled at E3. Launch predictions: September in Japan; October or November in U.S.
Wed, Apr 29 05:38:00 PDT 2009 | Read full story
Without seeing the device, industry observers remain underwhelmed by what Dell could bring to the mobile computing market.
Wed, Apr 29 04:00:00 PDT 2009 | Read full story
The software maker says it has finalized the code for the second service pack update to the operating system.
Tue, Apr 28 18:52:00 PDT 2009 | Read full story

CNET snaps photos of RealNetwork’s “Facet,” a prototype DVD player that copies and stores hundreds of films. Is this the real reason Hollywood sued Real?
• Real CEO acknowledges RealDVD will copy rentals

Wed, Apr 29 01:50:00 PDT 2009 | Read full story

The search giant had asked for a 60-day extension, but a federal judge felt four months were needed to give more authors a chance to join or opt out.

Tue, Apr 28 14:21:00 PDT 2009 | Read full story

Video of the day

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Loaded: Don’t hate the game
Microsoft may be working on a big iPhone competitor after all, Yahoo launches a Zimbra desktop client, and online gambling may become legal.

Experts say beware the e-mails from strangers that reference swine flu and could contain links to malicious sites or harbor data stealing code in attachments. Read full story

Cutting Edge
Mathematica maker publicly demonstrates a Web service to dig into data like stock prices or mortality–but Google launches a similar service on the same day. Read full story
Most popular stories
More from CNET News:
Time Warner: AOL’s revenue slide continues
Reports: Google, DOJ talked about Book Search
Swedish ISPs vow to erase users’ traffic data
Twitter’s lack of loyalty–an Achilles’ heel?
One week later, Firefox updates again
Cutting Edge
Green news harvest: Affordable green homes
Washington’s role in a green recovery
Here comes the nanoneedle–can you see it?
Where federal energy research money should go
Business Tech
SAP software revenue skids in first quarter
At Finovate, a bad economy means good start-ups
More on Windows 7’s ‘XP Mode’
Qualcomm, analysts hint at chip recovery
Yahoo’s Zimbra Desktop 1.0 released
Personal Tech
Nintendo helps moms cook, lose weight, be more maternal
Is it too soon for a realistic Iraq War game?
Samsung extends ergo-camcorder lineup by two
Canon PowerShot A2000 IS: User-friendly, if not exciting
Tellme voice app to search Windows Mobile
Which smartphone maker isn’t Verizon talking to?
Report: Verizon, Microsoft working on ‘Pink’ phone
Truphone 3.0 improves call quality, unifies IM
How I got my BlackBerry Bold for $30
Panda introduces cloud-based free antivirus
Finovate: Privacy is dead, long live the PIN
Microsoft tightens Windows 7 security for USB drives
CNET News Daily Podcast: Mom tests McAfee’s new help center
Another Adobe Reader security hole emerges


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