April 29, 2009

DailyCandy – Hey, Tea, You’re So Fine

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EVERYWHERE | April 29, 2009

Hey, Tea, You’re So Fine
Damn Fine Tea Launches

tea time!

You know and love many obsessive freaks (sex toy-nutjob-potential cult founder excluded).

But none quite so endearing (or harmless) as Andrews & Dunham, the purveyors of Damn Fine Tea. The boys’ line of limited-edition teas was born out of their shared obsession with the stuff.

The risky, expensive, time-consuming entrepreneurial venture (their words, not ours) involves picking leaves according to orthodox methods by hand. The single-estate origin loose leaves come in tins with super-cool screen-printed labels. Available for sipping now are black Ceylon, Dragonwell green, and black Nepal.

Head to the site for explicit instructions on how to best serve each varietal.

Of course, you’d expect nothing less from control freaks.
Available online at damnfinetea.com.

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