April 29, 2009

Fire Up the Grill!

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Cook healthy. Eat right.
OUR FAVES: Weight-Loss Myths | Sweet Cookie Recipes | Hearty Healthy Sandwiches | Low-Carb Desserts
Fire Up the Grill!
Dear Hypeplug,
Why wait? Your grill is ready and willing to create some of the healthiest meals you’ll ever enjoy. This week, we’re highlighting fire-kissed flavors and spotlighting one of our top-notch publications, Diabetic Living Online, a great online resource for everyone who wants to eat healthy.
· Savory Grilled Halibut
· Ultimate Chicken Sandwiches
· Peppered Ribeyes ‘n’ Grilled Peppers
· 30 more grilling greats
International Grill
Take your family on a tour of the world’s favorite grilled foods.
· Mexico: Peppery Adobo Pork
· India: Sweet and Spicy Beef Satay
· Jamaica: Fruity Fiesta Steaks
Sensational Sides
Pair up your hot grilled fare with cool and refreshing side dishes.
· Rich Salsa Black Bean Salad
· Creamy Carrot Hummus
· Crowd-Pleasing Wild Rice
Grill Something New!
Stuck in a rut? Branch out and try grilling something you haven’t tried before. Your grill tongs will thank you!
· Sweet Grilled Pineapple
· Savory Grilled Appetizers
· Tasty Turkey Burgers
Flavor Boosters
Team chicken with super-nutritious power foods for maximum yum.
· Rubs Done Right
· Top Tested Sauces
· Video Class: Grilling with Marinades
Share tips and fun in our communities
· Find a healthy recipe
· Join a weight loss club
· Ask an expert: Diabetes
· Cook a meal for one
· Discuss what’s cooking
· Request a recipe makeover
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