April 29, 2009

Kitchen Safety 101: Packing Lunch, Microwaving & More. Plus, Bread Baking & Healthy Beans

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Healthy Eats

April 29, 2009
Cutting Board

Salmonella outbreaks, expired foods, chemical-leaking plastic containers? Cooking these days can sure seem scary. Keep it fresh and safe with our tips.

Avoiding Cross-Contamination »
Smarter Microwaving »
Dealing With Leftovers »
Properly Pack Your Lunch »
Safer Plastic Containers »
What To Do During a Food Recall »

Bake Your Own Bread
Bread got a bad name during the low-carb craze, but it’s actually a great source of whole grains, B vitamins and fiber. Make your own — with or without yeast, sweet or savory.
Cheap & Easy: Why We Love Beans

These little guys aren’t just for chili and your vegetarian friends. There are dozens of varieties, all versatile and full of nutrients. Add in their budget- friendliness, and what more could you ask for?

Recipes & more »
Weekly Favorites: Asian-Style Flavors
When You Just Want A Cheeseburger
Healthy eating doesn’t mean going without. If the urge for a cheeseburger strikes, order it. Just be mindful of the toppings, portions and fattening sides (fries, anyone?).
More From Healthy Eats

Get simple tips to help you make sense of what “gluten-free” means.

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