April 29, 2009

One-Pot Recipe: Lemon-Parsley Risotto

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Lemon-Parsley Risotto
Quentin Bacon
Lemon-Parsley Risotto

Give your dinner a lift with lemon. To maximize the amount of juice you can squeeze from a lemon, first place the lemon in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes, then roll it on the counter a couple times.Try more great risotto dishes:

Peeled lemons

Cooking with Lemons

Lemon-infused recipes for everything from pan-seared sole to cream-cheese frosting.

Risotto with Edamame Lemon Zest Tarragon

5 Easy Spring Dinners

Recipes and strategies for ideal weeknight meals.

How To: Clean, Chop, and Store Parsley

How To: Clean, Chop, and Store Parsley

Adding fresh parsley to almost any dish gives food a bright, flavorful boost that the dried version of the herb just can’t provide. Follow these easy steps for a fast, efficient way to prep parsley the next time you cook―and to store whatever you don’t use for maximum freshness.

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