April 29, 2009

Your Requested Music News From CMT.com

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CMT Music News News | CMT.com
CMT Insider: Taylor Swift Is Obsessed About Her Role as Concert Headliner
Taylor Swift has opened shows for Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts and George Strait, but she has now embarked on her first headlining tour. She recently talked to CMT Insider‘s Katie Cook about what fans can expect. View Swift’s music videos.
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Bryan Adams, Jason Aldean Schedule CMT Crossroads
Canadian rock legend Bryan Adams will join Jason Aldean for a new episode of CMT Crossroads scheduled to premiere June 26. Watch the music video for Aldean’s latest hit, “She’s Country.”
Jason Michael Carroll, Collin Raye Release New Albums
They’re among the artists who released new albums on Tuesday. See Carroll’s brand new performance on CMT’s Unplugged at Studio 330.
Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus Presents Piano on Behalf of CMA, Nashville Alliance
Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts helped deliver a new piano to McGavock High School in Nashville on behalf of the Country Music Association and the Nashville Alliance. Check out Rascal Flatts’ music videos.

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